St. Anne’s High School students set sights on CFAL Junior Investor Program top prize


CFAL Junior Investor Program profile
School: St. Anne’s High School, New Providence
Teacher(s): Indira Coleby, accounts teacher; Eulien Massiah, business studies

Student participants: Dimargio Bethel, grade 12; Anderson Johnson, grade 12; Tiesha McKay, grade 12; Carlos Barr, grade 12; Charles Hamilton, grade 11; Shedrick McPhee, grade 11; Nathan Murray, grade 11; Keturah Sweeting, grade 11; Ca’Shea Smith, grade 10; and Canaan Lightbourn, grade 10.

Q: Why did the school become involved with the Junior Investment Program (JIP)? (Teacher response)

A: We decided to join the Junior Investor Program to give the students practical knowledge to supplement the theoretical knowledge they learn in class. Additionally, it is an excellent hands-on experience in the financial markets industry and, of course, we hope that it sparks some interest when deciding on a career path.

Q: What do you hope to gain from being involved with this program? (Teacher response)

A: We hope to learn more about the Bahamian financial market, to recognize trends and hopefully be able to make wise investment choices.

Q: What was the most memorable part of the program? (Teacher response)

A: I would have to say watching the students debate about their stock picks. They really invested a lot of time and energy into research to prove why their choices were the right ones. They also kept up to date with current issues and market trends.

Q: Will this year’s economic climate make any impact on your investment strategy?

A: It really is difficult to say, as the Bahamian market doesn’t fluctuate as much as the American market, but taking into consideration the change in governments and the impact of Hurricane Irma on the southern islands, the team will be watching the headlines and listening out for any important details that may or may not affect the market.

Q: Who is your portfolio manager this year? What were your major reasons for choosing your portfolio manager?

A: This year the team chose Dimargio Bethel as portfolio manager and Charles Hamilton as the junior portfolio manager. Both students exhibit excellent leadership skills and have expressed interest in learning more about the industry, in general.

Q: Who is your trader this year? What were your major reasons for choosing your trader?

A: This year the team chose Tiesha McKay as trader and Keturah Sweeting as junior trader. Both students have excellent organizational skills and it is expected that they will do well in their respective positions.

Q: One hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. If you had to invest all of it in your school, what are some of the things you would do?

A: This year St. Anne’s launched an eco-school program. We have initiated several programs, with a key focus on sustainability; as an example, students are motivated to recycle their cans and plastic bottles as well as conserve energy by turning off lights and fans when not in use. If we had $100,000 to invest in St. Anne’s High School, we would put it towards that sustainability initiative, particularly investing in solar panels and other alternative energy sources. In this way, we would cut down on all electrical costs thereby redirecting the funds allocated for that expense towards something else.

Q: What is motivating you to grab the top prize this year?

A:  We are motivated to achieve bragging rights as the winner of this year’s CFAL Junior Investor Program.

Source Nassau Guardian

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