Attempting ‘sabotage’


Veteran trade unionist and former senate president, Chester Humphrey, doesn’t think Tillman Thomas was aware that the current Nazim Burke-led NDC has been discussing strategies of “scampishness’’ aimed at frustrating Grenadians waiting in line to vote on election day next month.

“I do not believe that such a thing would happen with his (Thomas’s) knowledge,’’ Humphrey said in an interview on “Hard Talk’’, a daytime show broadcast on radio and the internet.

The plan of the National Democratic Congress, which former Prime Minister Thomas headed until resigning as leader in 2014, was made public in a leaked audiotape recording of a meeting between party officials and a visiting consultant.

What the NDC is attempting is to “sabotage the electoral process’’, and it’s a cause for “deep concern’’, said Humphrey.

“Such an activity is inimical to the best interest of the advancement of parliamentary democracy and the process of renewing one’s mandate in order to govern the country,’’ he said.

Humphrey, who was among several people expelled from the NDC in 2012, says he still possesses a “significant amount of regard’’ for Thomas.

According to Humphrey, “whatever you may say about Tillman, he has certain basic things which inform how he sees the world. I think he would be shocked – if not surprised – that the party which he led, and whose leadership he has handed over to Mr Burke, rather than preparing thoroughly for convincing the electorate, they’re spending their time now in constructing strategies to frustrate the will of the people’’.

A warning of the NDC’s plan also was issued by lawyer Peter David, NNP candidate for the Town of St George.

“Remember what was said on that tape; that the NDC plans to disrupt us; they plan to provoke us, to use provocation against us. Do not let them do that,’’ David urged constituents at a meeting Tuesday evening in Darbeau. “Just calmly and quietly go to the polls, put your X by Peter David and we’ll have fun on the evening of March 13th.’’

NNP leader and Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, in speaking at the meeting, urged voters to cast their ballots early on election day.

“Take no chances, Sisters and Brothers. Vote early because you’re protecting the future of this country,’’ Mitchell said. “Vote early, support Peter, support the New National Party.’’

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