2018 Spring Break Study Abroad Blog: Grenada


Summarizing this trip is far from an easy task. Putting memories, emotions, experiences, and passions into words will not do this trip justice.

Despite that, here is our attempt. Many of us began this journey not knowing what to expect regarding healthcare in Grenada. Although our research prior to departure was beneficial, our knowledge only scratched the surface of what we would uncover. As we manned our various positions at the health fairs, the women’s symposium, disability center, and home visits, we discovered that many people in Grenada are living with unmanaged hypertension and diabetes, inadequate knowledge of breast health, and many are financially unable to visit their health care providers.

Our group tackled the various obstacles with an ample amount of education. The opportunities we have had in Grenada have instilled a love of public health in each of us. The need for basic health care is vital in countries like Grenada.

In conclusion, if we had to describe the Grenadian people with one word it would be joyful. Their joy is simply contagious. The people of Grenada have won our hearts with their kind spirits and unending hospitality.

Although we are glad to be back in the states after being away from home for so long, we were so sad to leave the kind people of Grenada we had the privilege of meeting on our trip.

We will never forget the memories we made on this trip and our experiences we had will help make us better nurses as we continue our education.

Source UF College of Nursing

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