The NDC 2018 Manifesto, Create Jobs, Better healthcare and more


My dear people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, in this general election, we have come to a crossroad as far as the future of our beloved country is concerned. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) brings you a message of hope and prosperity as we launch into an era of participatory democracy that will focus on PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST in the sustainable development of our nation. Click here for the full document

Our proposed path of development will lead us to a stronger economy driven by a more people centered approach to development. A structured consultation process will guide our national plan that will address the problem of jobless growth; high unemployment, shattered dreams; hopelessness and despair. Our integrated approach to governance will enable us to regain the respect and admiration that our beautiful country so deserves. The path we propose will lead to sustainable economic growth and development, entrepreneurial opportunities, job creation and opportunities for all Grenadians to improve their standard of living. It will lead to a Government that will respect and serve all Grenadians; a rekindling and rebuilding of confidence in the future of
Grenada; and a Grenada which will regain respect regionally and internationally.

The NDC is ready to lead Grenada. Coming out of the difficult times in 2013, the NDC has been able to refocus on the important
task of mobilizing Grenadians to work together towards improving the quality of life for all our people. The party has strengthened its planning and its organizational capacity and has prepared a 2030 vision outside of an election season.
This has led to many creative ideas from other patriotic Grenadians who are stepping forward to play a role in saving our country from further damage. A new NDC government will commit to instituting the necessary mechanisms to facilitate genuine peoples’ involvement in the decision-making process of Grenada.

The Time is NOW!
Guided by our vision, our core principles and policy imperatives set out in our Policy Agenda published in September 2016, the NDC has developed plans and programs that we are convinced will move Grenada forward and provide a better life for our people. I am proud to lead a team of competent and qualified women and men, including our youth,who are committed to Grenada and are ready
serve their country and fellow Grenadians.

We commit to providing quality representation and assure the people of Grenada that a new NDC Government, working with the people, will transform Grenada and provide lasting growth and development of all Grenadians. We believe in the capacity and potential of our people on mainland Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to achieve greatness if given the opportunity. We will bring together the creative forces at home and in the diaspora to improve the lives of all our people.

As we go into this election campaign, I ask you to give us your support and the opportunity to lead Grenada’s path to greatness for this generation and those to come.

VOTE NDC for a better Grenada.
Thank you and may God bless Grenada and its people


Our Vision

The NDC’s vision is A Green, Equitable and Prosperous Grenada for All. This envisages Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique as:

• A nation that is just, free, independent and self-reliant
• A nation in which everyone has an equal opportunity to realize his/her potential and enjoy the fruits of his/her labour without fear or discrimination
• A nation in which poverty and ignorance are eradicated and Grenadians are taking their rightful place among the community of nations
• A nation that is stable, peaceful, friendly, safe and secure
• A nation that embraces diverse faith communities and their harmonious interaction with each other; a nation that embraces diversity and practices tolerance at all times
• A nation transformed into an eco-friendly, fair, equitable, dynamic, prosperous and stable democracy, capable of sustaining a high quality of life for all its people
• A nation whose people take pride in their culture, heritage and patrimony
• A nation where the environment is protected and preserved for the use and enjoyment of the present and future generations
• A nation that is a model of sustainable development for small island developing states.

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