Primary school principal wants compensation for wrongful arrest


(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) – The principal of St Rose’s Girls’ RC School, Henry Street, Port of Spain, is seeking compensation from the State after she was arrested on Wednesday, when police came looking for someone else.

Lawyers representing Angela Le Blanc, 49, have written to the Chief State Solicitor, giving that department 42 days to give its position on liability.

Attorney Reynold Waldrop, in the letter, asked for “good sense to prevail to avoid costly litigation.”

Also representing Le Blanc is Jeron Joseph.

According to the letter, police first went to Le Blanc’s home in Arouca on April 26, just after midnight, asking for “Angela Balroop,” who they claimed had refused to take a breathalyser on December 28, 2012.

Le Blanc was asked a series of questions and showed them her identification card and her driver’s permit. The police accused her of lying, but left.

They returned on May 23, at midnight and arrested her.

The letter said Le Blanc was told they had a warrant for “Angela Balroop.” She again insisted she was not Balroop, but a PC Williams said she was the person they were looking for.

Le Blanc was taken to three police stations and after being in custody for ten hours, was eventually released without being charged when a PC Garcia said she was not the person they were looking for.

The letter said Le Blanc was severely traumatised and humiliated.

She is seeking compensation from the State for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

Source St. Lucia News Online

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