The creek project is costing $280 million


The multi billion dollar Point Fortin highway will be completed by 2020 and some $100 million has been saved on construction cost on one of the contract packages.

Acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert said the former Government already spent at least $4 billion on the highway and now Works Minister Rohan Sinanan was working with the engineers and through competitive bidding for the contracts for the completion of the works there has been tremendous savings.

Sinanan said in 2009 the estimate for the highway was $4 billion and this escalated to $7 billion when the People’s Partnership came into office. HE said the contractor- OAS – declared bankruptcy and could not complete the project.

“What we see happening now is that the prices we are getting is back down to the 2009 prices,” said Sinanan.

HE said Cabinet took a decision yesterday to award package 5A to Jusamco Pavers Ltd. HE said this is the most challenging of all the packages- works from Godineau river bridge to the Mosquito creek.

Sinanan said the bid for this came in 6.5 per cent below the revised budget at some $280 million.

Source Daily Express

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