Martinique Tourism Authority and Airbnb Partner To Promote People-to-people Tourism


The Martinique Tourism Authority and Airbnb yesterday announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly promote community-led tourism to the French overseas region of Martinique.

In 2018, 85,000 guests visited Martinique with Airbnb, a 60% increase compared to the previous year. 70% of guest arrivals hailed from Metropolitan France, 12% from North America, 7% from Latin America.

With more than 5,000 listings on the island, Airbnb provides Martinique with an additional accommodation offer and is a growth driver for the territory’s tourism sector.

Through its community of hosts and guests from 191+ countries, Airbnb brings a unique opportunity for travellers from all over the world to discover Martinique in an authentic way, thanks in particular to new Airbnb Experiences (activities, gastronomy, well-being…).

Martinique has immense and diversified tangible and intangible heritage (Mount Pelée, the richness of its marine life, AOC rum, white and black sandy beaches, etc.). In addition to its rich set of traditions combining French and Creole cultures, the island also has assets to highlight such as world-class surf spots on the northeast coast, fine cuisine, waterfalls hidden in unspoiled nature and unique festivals.

This first agreement between Airbnb and the destination marketing operator of a French overseas region includes:

· Joint marketing investment to promote Martinique as a destination to new international travellers, especially millennials

· Support of the growth of the Airbnb host community and the quality of the island’s accommodation offer

· Development of Airbnb Experiences to promote authentic travel Experiences led by locals.

Initiated by the Martinique Tourism Authority, this new partnership builds upon Airbnb’s commitment to work with governments to help stimulate inclusive, sustainable tourism throughout the Caribbean. In recent years, Airbnb has signed collaboration agreements with 16 countries in the region. The platform continues to strengthen its longstanding partnership with the Caribbean Tourism Association, working together to drive tourism in the region and grow economic opportunity by promoting authentic travel throughout the Caribbean.

About the Martinique Tourism Authority:
The Martinique Tourism Authority is the destination marketing operator of the Martinique region whose mission is to make Martinique a sought-after and prosperous tourist destination. Created on July 9, 2003 by the local authorities (regional and departmental) of Martinique, the Martinique Tourism Authority is the institutional tool in charge of tourism development of the new local authority of Martinique. It is the main actor in all matters relating to the development and promotion of tourism in Martinique. Since January 2016, it has been chaired by Karine Mousseau.

The Martinique Tourism Authority is responsible for:

· The development of a new image for Martinique as a destination.

· The restructuring of the tourism offer with the definition of new tourism products and their qualification.

· The implementation of a dynamic marketing policy for tourism products

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