Saint Lucia Police Confiscate 62 Firearms In 2018

NOT actual illegal guns seized by local authorities.

(SNO) — The police in Saint Lucia said they are making headway in fighting crime on the island with 62 firearms seized in 2018, eight in December alone.

They said a number of gun-related crimes are being investigated and arrests have been made.

Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of crime and intelligence, Wayne Charlery, commended his men on a job well done.

“So we want to thank very much our operational units, our police officers and even the public because we could not have recovered those firearms without that coordination and that help coming from everyone,” he said at a press conference.

Of the eight firearms recovered in December, seven people have been charged with the possession of them.

He stated that arrests have been made in a number of gun crimes on the island.

“We arrested one of the main perpetrators of the West Tech robbery,” Charlery revealed. “He is remanded as we speak.”

He stated investigations into other crimes, including the one involving Ideal Bakery, are continuing.

“We have some interesting leads into the Ideal Bakery robbery,” he said.

Source St Lucia News Online

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