AISK Hosts More Than 80 Student-Athletes At SoccerFeva


The American International School of Kingston last week hosted over 80 international students from schools around the Caribbean for the annual SoccerFeva International Football Tournament.

The competition saw schools from across the region compete not just against the AISK Hurricanes, but a myriad of other local Jamaican schools for the region’s largest U19 student-athlete match up.

This year’s two-day tournament began last Friday, February 8 and culminated with the finals on Saturday, February 9 2019. International participants from Cayman Prep and High School, Lyford Cay International School (Bahamas), Lucaya International School (Bahamas) and Cedar International School (British Virgin Islands) were matched up against local student athletes from AISK, Hillel Academy, Campion College and Immaculate Conception High School.

The student athletes and coaches played their hearts out during the tournament, showing superb sportsmanship and skill.

After the dust settled, however, it was last year’s champions Hillel Academy that came out on top, defending their title in the boys’ section against Campion College in the deciding match. The Hillel boys walked away with the AISK SoccerFeva Cup Championship with a goal scored in the last 30 seconds to hand them a  2 – 1 victory. 

In the girls section, Cayman Preparatory & High School retained its title with a comfortable 2-0 victory over Lyford Cay. 

This year’s Shield Competition saw the introduction of the Caribbean Select Team.

AISK Athletic Director, Allan Roper said organisers wanted to find a way to make the tournament more accessible for the regional teams. 

“Regional tournaments such as this create an amazing opportunity for our local students to build strong and meaningful bonds with other international students from across the Caribbean region,” Roper said.

“Initiatives such as these depend on the dedicated and passionate Athletics department at AISK, paired with the families and wider school community. I am proud to be a part of that,” he added.

The AISK SoccerFeva 2019 Tournament saw massive support from the business community and companies such as Gatorade, Iron Rock Insurance, Locker Room Sports, NOA, Main Event and Neutrogena.

SoccerFeva 2019 Participating Teams

Host – AISK (Girls and Boys)

Hillel Academy (Local Girls and Boys)

Campion (Local Girls and Boys)

Immaculate Conception High School (Local Girls)

Cayman Prep and High School (International Girls and Boys)

Lyford Cay International School – Bahamas (International Girls and Boys)

Lucaya International School – Bahamas (International Girls and Boys)

Cedar International School – BVI (International Girls and Boys)


SoccerFeva Cup

Final Score Boys: Hillel – 2 vs 1 – Campion College {Winning goal scored with 30 seconds left in the game}

Final Score Girls: CPHS – 2 vs 0 – Lyford Cay International School

Shield Competition:

Shield Final Score – Boys: Caribbean Select – 2 vs 0 – Lyford Cay International School (Boys)

Shield Final Score – Girls: Immaculate Conception – 1 vs 0 – Campion College (winning goal scored from a free kick what was the last kick of the game)

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