Trinidad Police Issue Warning After Party-Goers Take Grenadian Artiste’s Song Literally At Its Word


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago (CMC) – Police are warning party-goers that they could face criminal charges, if they continue to follow, the lyrics of Grenadian singer, Hollis “Mr Killa” Mapp, to “Run With It”.

Mapp’s 2019 song for the Carnival celebrations, here, has literally led to persons virtually picking up anything when the song is being played, including tents, coolers and chairs belonging to others.

“Based on that, when the song is being played, we understand that people go into a frenzy. What we are asking party-goers, in your enthusiasm, the song is a nice song and persons are very charged up when that song is playing, (but) we are asking party-goers to please be mindful and do not violate the rights of others,” Assistant Superintendent of Police, Wayne Mystar, told reporters.

“There are a lot of offences that could stem from some of the actions taking place, or being allowed, by this particular song,” he added.

He also reminded patrons that as the country moves into the height of the Carnival celebrations, “permission is still needed for a person to wine on another”.

“A person, who refused (a wine) if they are asked, and you continue to wine on that person, then you would have committed an offence of battery and assault…so yes, you need permission to do those things,” Mystar said.

Mapp, born on June 4, 1984, is among national and international singers contesting the 2019 Fantastic Friday International Soca Monarch, scheduled for March 1.

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