Caribbean Airlines Aircraft Hits Terminal Building At Trinidad Airport


(Trinidad Express) A Caribbean Airlines aircraft crashed into the terminal building at the Piarco International Airport on Wednesday night causing extensive damage.

According to CAL, at approximately 11:15 p.m. the ATR-72 aircraft, 9Y-TTA, was being taxied from the ramp at the Piarco International Airport, to an aircraft hangar when it came into contact with the wall of the airport terminal building.

The aircraft was not in active service and there were no passengers or crew on board.

How the airplane ended up hitting the terminal building was not disclosed.

CAl said that the extent of damage to the aircraft is being assessed, and it has been withdrawn from service. There were no injuries to any personnel.

An investigation has been initiated by the relevant authorities.

Caribbean Airlines assured stakeholders that the airline’s services on the air bridge continue to operate according to its regular core schedule.

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