Plane Crash In Melville Hall, Dominica


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dominica Air & Seaport Authority (DASPA), Benoit Bardouille has confirmed that a small French Cessna aircraft with one occupant, the pilot, has crashed 4.5 miles West of the Douglas Charles Airport.

In an interview with reporter, Carlisle Jno Baptiste today April 18, 2019, Bardouille said. “We were informed by the French authorities about 8:22 am that they had lost contact with a small aircraft going from Martinique to Guadeloupe 6 miles off the Douglas-Charles airport in Dominica and that they needd help from Dominica in locating the aircraft.”

He said the crash occurred about 4.5 miles in a wooded area west of the Douglas Charles airport.

“Based on the coordinates that they provided, we had to ask for assistance of a helicopter because the area where the aircraft was located is a very difficult terrain,” Bardouille said. “I can confirm that that assistance is currently being provided and the aircraft has been identified in a location west of the airport and ground personnel in Dominica are putting a rescue plan together to get to the aircraft.”

He said that the Douglas Charles Airport has not been affected and is fully operational.

“I must repeat that it is in a very difficult wooded area and they will, and are doing all possible to get to it. I want to also point out that the Douglas-Charles Airport has not been affected in no way shape or form and is operating as usual on schedule with its regular flights,” Bardouille stated.

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