DLP Formally Launches Educator As New Candidate

Gretta Roberts (right), along with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (left) listen to a constituent

ROSEAU, Dominica: (Apr 25, 2019) The Dominica Labour Party will on Sunday officially launch the candidacy of educator Gretta Roberts, who has been selected as the party’s standard-bearer for Morne Jeuene/River Cyrique.

The launch takes place at a rally at the Grand Fond Playing Field from 2 PM – and will be addressed by the top leaders of the party, including Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit.

Gretta Roberts shares a moment with her mother Gertrude, who herself is a three-time former MP.

Roberts, a longstanding teacher with deep roots in the community, is the daughter of former representative, Gertrude Roberts

“I did not envisage my children getting involved in politics as I did, but Gretta has found herself with the right kind of people, and so I am very excited,” the elder Roberts, who once represented one of the opposition parties, said in an interview this week.

“The DLP has proven, under the leadership of Prime Minister (Roosevelt) Skerrit that its heart is in the right place and that it can deliver for people; and therefore I fully endorse my daughter’s move,” she said.

“I am inspired as much by my mother’s history of service, as with the opportunities that are ahead for the next generation,” the younger Roberts and new candidate said in response about her candidacy.

“We are entering an exciting period where we have begun the launch of the various candidates,” Political Leader Dr Skerrit said this week,

“We are very excited about the candidacy of Gretta, She has a history of achievement and a record of community involvement, and she is a wonderful addition to our team,” he said.

“She has shown the strength and the energy needed to build on the strong foundation we have laid in the community, and she is well-placed to be able to lead the charge going forward given the transformation that’s taking place there.,” the Dominican leader said.

Campaign Manager Vince Henderson also noted: “We are particularly excited because Gretta has shown she has a connection with the people and a love for ordinary people.”

Sunday’s rally was originally scheduled to have taken place two weeks ago but was put back because of the observances of Palm Sunday.

Roberts replaces the retiring Ivor Stephenson, the current MP for the area, with the DLP expressing confidence that it can retain the seat.

“We have a very strong organizational foundation here, and we are bringing new people to the table all the time, and so we are hopeful,” Henderson said.

“Actually we are very excited with the feedback and the acceptance of the candidate. She is bringing new energy to our work in the area. That coupled with the DLP’s history of delivery and the sterling leadership of Comrade Skerrit puts us in a very good space,” he further added.

  “Of course we are cognizant of the work ahead and we will continue not to take the people there, or anywhere for that matter, for granted,” Henderson also said.

Roberts said that she is prepared for the work ahead, and looks forward to her “next level of representation,”

“For me this is a continuation of a lifelong of service fighting for the people of Grand Fond, Morne Jeuene and River Cyrique,” she declared. (ends)

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