Trinidad Opposition Party Throws Support Behind Maduro In Venezuela


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – The small opposition, Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) has blamed the United States for the attempted “coup” by Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó, who has embarked upon what he called the final phase of the plan to oust President Nicolas Maduro from office in Venezuela.

MSJ leader David Abdulah said he is hoping that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) as well as other countries can help bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the South American country.

Abdulah, a former legislator here, warned that Trinidad and Tobago would feel the consequences if civil war erupts in Venezuela.

In recent months, hundreds of Venezuelans have flocked to Trinidad and Tobago to escape the economic and political situation and Abdulah said that mass evacuation of Venezuelans into the twin island republic will make refugee status possible as international conventions dictate that refugees can get protection in the event of war.

“We have said that the developing situation in Venezuela will precipitate a greater influx as people fleeing violence will come here. Civil war will have a negative impact on us and we will have boatloads of people seeking asylum here,” Abdulah said, adding that the United States has interfered in other parts of Latin America, Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay, Syria and Iraq by helping to put leaders in place which they could control.

“We are opposed to the US influenced regime changes and we are calling for a peaceful dialogue to quell this crisis,” Abdulah said.

It said that Trinidad and Tobago “maintains the principled position of non-interference and non-intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela and hope that the Venezuelan people will resolve their affairs peacefully”.

Guaidó, appeared in a video with uniformed men on Tuesday, saying he had military support and called for more members of the military to help him end President Maduro’s “usurpation” of power.

The Opposition Leader, who has declared himself interim leader of Venezuela, has the backing of the United States and most Western countries, while Maduro, who was sworn into office for a second consecutive term in January, has the support of Russia, China and Cuba.

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