Entertainer George Nooks Freed Of Cocaine Charge


Popular entertainer, George Nooks, has been found not guilty of a cocaine possession charge.

Nooks appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this morning and the trial judge returned a not guilty verdict.

One of his attorneys, Tom Tavares Finson, told The Gleaner that he was happy that the judge ruled in favour of his client.

“Based on the extensive discrepancies in this case, I am happy that the judge accepted the defence’s argument,” he said.

The defence made a no-case submission.

An elated Nooks expressed thanks to the Almighty.

“You just have to wait until him (God) do him ting,” he declared.

In May 2017, the police reported that the then 56-year-old singer was spotted acting in a suspicious manner by cop on an operation in his St Andrew community shortly after 9:00 pm.

He was accosted and a bag he was carrying searched.

According to the police, the bag was found to contain just under two ounces of cocaine.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

He was represented by Tavares-Finson and Donahue Martin.

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