JLP Offers 5 Scholarships, 146 Bursaries To Students Across The Island


KINGSTON, Jamaica—The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) yesterday launched its Education Fund, offering five scholarships to Jamaican students between ages 17 and 24.

The scholarships, ranging from $700,000 to $1.7 million, will be awarded to students pursuing degrees in specific subject areas and are named after former JLP prime ministers — Edward Seaga (Economics), Hugh Shearer (Engineering), Alexander Bustamante (Mathematics and/ or Computer Science), Bruce Golding (Sciences), and Donald Sangster (Agriculture).

Students must be enrolled in a Jamaican institution to be eligible for the three-year scholarships.

Additionally, JLP Chairman Robert Montague said 146 bursaries, two per constituency and 20 to be shared between Young Jamaica and G2K members are available.

“These are for our workers or their children. We are investing in our people. Making sure they too get a good education. We know that education is another ladder that the poor must use to prosperity. The Jamaica Labour Party is the education party,” said Montague.

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