Cheese Thief Arrested After Shootout With Police


A 21-year-old Arima man was arrested after he robbed a woman of her cellphone, $40, a bottle of Solo soft drink and a piece of cheese.

Police said the woman was walking along Pinto Road, Arima at about 7.30 pm when she was confronted by two men who pulled out guns and stole the items.

She reported it to the police and five minutes later, members of the Pinto Road, Emergency Response Unit who were on patrol at the time, made checks along the road.

They saw the two men, with the guns still in their hands, walking and tried to stop them. The bandits ran away.

During the chase, one of the bandits fired at the police but missed. Officers returned fire but did not shoot the men. However, one of the men holding the bag with the stolen items fell, and was arrested.

The suspect who is from Demerara Road, Arima was arrested and is expected to be charged.

Source Newsday

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