Dominica: Kalinago Territory Celebrates International Indigenous Day Today


Today, August 9th 2019 is being celebrated as International Indigenous Day in Dominica.

Directer of the Carifuna Cultural Group, Prosper Paris has said that that a language exposition will be part of the activities scheduled for today to mark the occasion in the Kalinago Territory.

“The Carifuna Cultural Group together with the the events committee of the Kalinago Territory  is putting on an activity on the 9th of August which is today,” Paris told state-owned DBS Radio. “It will be held at the Salybia government school from 5pm. We will have a language exposition where the public is invited to view Kalinago words and sentences and they might choose names for themselves.”

He said there will be a symposium at 7 pm, “where we will be doing presentations on different people who have done work on the language and hearing from different leaders, their perspective or how they would like to see the language develop.”

The theme for this year’s International Indigenous Day is “Indigenous Language.”

Paris stated that the United Nations (UN) has also declared 2020-2030 as the Decade of Indigenous Language.

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