Alisha Florent is Dominica’s Next Supermodel


Alisha Florent has emerged the winner of the 4th Dominica’s Next Supermodel (DNS)Competition. The show which was held on the 31st of August is the brainchild of model coach and entrepreneur Ruth Augustine.

Terri-Ann Moses, Chrissie Piper, Regin Auguiste, Allyee Leblanc and Shyanne Dorsett also participated in the six round competition which highlighted the world latest fashion Animal Instincts, Puff Shoulders, Neo-Gothic, and floral prints.

According to organizers, “Over the past three years of hosting the event (2013, 2014, 2015) we have set a foundation for our models and we are proud to have young ladies from DNS production become Brand ambassadors, National Pageant Contestants, Caribbean Next Top Model Representatives, and Business Owners. Our 2019 event focuses on youth empowerment where young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives.”

Leading up to the competition models received coaching with how to walk with confidence, have high self-esteem and develop their public speaking skills. There were various events such as brand events, high fashion shoots and a focus on the body and mind.

CEO of DNS Ruth Augustine noted, “Positivity, Confidence, and Persistence are key in life. We are here to influence our partisan that giving up on your dreams is always an option but never make it your choice. The fashion industry is an exquisite and compelling world of self-expression and style and is a wonderful part of our society that brings us together in a unique way. Fashion has always been an important part of how people define themselves and others. As such it can be a powerful tool of influence which consciously use to project an image of our country Dominica.”

The winner received a cash prize; a one year contract with Digicel as a brand ambassador; one year home and phone services for free and Packages from Jewelers international and other various sponsors.

Winner Alisha Forrent stated, “Being a part of the DNSM show was a great experience for me, I’ve been doing my own personal modeling gigs for a whole now so to get the opportunity to be in a show of this kind with an amazing group of girls was an unbelievable experience. I got to meet different people and personalities and really got to see how creative everyone could be. It was very interesting and fun and all the participants ensured that they put on an amazing show.

She further noted, “Working with Ruth Augustne the CEO OF DNSM was also great, she is very strong and know what she Is doing. I know it was not easy for her to get us all ready for the show for the various rounds but in the end we managed to pull it together. Being a part of this competition helped grow my modeling and fashion skills so I feel like I am much better than what I used to be. From here it just feels like I will be doing a lot more photoshoots, videos and marketing and I can tell I have far to go. My thoughts were always whether I win or lose to embrace the experience to see how it is to be a real life model and emerging as the winner was amazing. My sponsors GBA, Bella noir and max mart I appreciated their support so much. I am also grateful to my family and friends and this was an experience I’ll never forget.”

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