Spicemas CEO Promotes Carnival In Big Apple


In the wake of what the Grenada Tourist Board (GTB) describes as a phenomenal 24.9 percent growth in arrivals for the 2018 Carnival Season, the chief executive officer of Spicemas, Kelvin Jacob, says he is on a mission to greater promote the island’s carnival.

Hence, Jacob on Wednesday concluded an eight-day trip to the Big Apple to “discuss the creation of a collaborative network of exchange, and sharing of ideas and support that will enhance our cultural product output in 2020 and beyond.”

He also told Caribbean Life, in an exclusive interview, prior to his departure for home, that his purpose was to “discuss operations as it relates to understanding WIADCA’s (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) festival and that of Grenada and other countries in the region, geared towards learning from and supporting the growth of each other.”

Additionally, the Spicemas CEO said he discussed the “initiation of the planning of opportunities for our Grenadian artistes to come to New York to participate in Labor Day activities based on a criterion that takes popularity (status as National Calypso/Soca/Groovy Monarchs and National Carnival Queen) and inclusive national representation into considerat­ion.”

His mission also served to promote Spicemas 2020 and observe logistics relative to the various WIADCA events, and “network with key personnel and create partnerships aimed at improving the Spicemas Carnival Brand.”

Jacob said this first point of contact was Gerry Hopkin, whom he met initially when they were guests on a television program in Grenada, in August 2018, discussing Grenada’s carnival.

Hopkin is a Grenadian-born, Brooklyn-based international consultant and community organizer with training and experience in law, mass media, public relations/marketing and business networking aimed at sustainable economic empowerment.

Jacob said soon after he was appointed CEO of Spicemas Corporation on Feb. 1, Hopkin reached out to him “to offer words of congratulations, and offered his services to help in building relationships with key personnel to foster the growth of Spicemas on the international level.”

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