Anguilla’s Political Season Kicks Off Buzzing

Evan Gumbs

The Valley, Anguilla (Sept 27, 2019): The Anguilla United Movement (AUM) political leader, Dr. Ellis Lorenzo Webster, along with his representative for District 4, Evan Gumbs, took to the airwaves on popular Radio Show ‘On Da Spot’ With Haydn Hughes, to clear the air on rumours spreading across the country on Thursday night.

Dr. Webster showed his signature warm smile and positive attitude as he spoke to Hughes, and reiterated his willingness to listen to the views of the Anguillian voices, his love for the youth of Anguilla, and the safe and prosperous future that must be prepared for them.

Webster also addressed the widespread rumours about Gumbs being ousted from the party to be replaced by a local lawyer, DeeAnn Kentish Rogers. Kentish- Rogers, who is a well-known figure, claimed the Miss Universe Great Britain crown is 2018 and is an International Brand Ambassador for Anguilla. Webster said, that while it is good propaganda, such rumours were untrue.

Webster went on to say, “we, as a movement, are unified. We have one purpose, and that purpose is to remove the AUF administration so that the people of Anguilla can have a fighting chance to have a better future. For our children and our children’s children.”

In response to Hughes question as to why he thinks such rumours would be spreading just before the start of their campaign, Webster said, “as we know and have found out, the sentiment on the ground is that people are frustrated with the current administration, and I think they would try whatever tactics they can to sow doubt and division within our ranks. And I think whatever decision is made, the members of the Anguilla United Movement are patriots, and they do what’s in the best interest of the people of Anguilla, and we have a love for Anguilla because this our home.”

Webster went on to discuss the bread and butter issues of Anguilla, such as improvement of the economy, healthcare, education, and skills training. He expressed that young people want someone who is in their age range representing them, who understands their needs and concerns and emphasized that these are the things that are important to him and the AUM.

Webster hailed Evan Gumbs, a patriot at heart. Gumbs has been involved in politics since 2004. He ran against Victor Banks of the AUF in 2005 contesting District 4 and was unsuccessful, but went on to win in the 2010 elections. He again went up against Banks again in 2015 but failed to retain his seat.

Gumbs, who cited his motto as “I’m coming in clean, and I’m going out clean,” displayed his attitude an honest man and expressed his willingness to maintain the status quo of doing it for the people.

He was very lighthearted when asked about how he felt about the rumours. He revealed that many people reached out to him to find out the truth and expressed his appreciation for the love and support. He stated, “it’s all about Anguilla and Anguillans, and that’s what we’re working towards.”

When asked about how he felt about making the decision to step down, he stated that “to be honest it was a kind of bittersweet moment, but at the end of the day, I saw Anguilla as the bigger picture and that we needed to give the youth a chance, and that was one way that I could do it.”

He described breaking the news to Kentish and the emotion-filled room when he suggested she assume the role of representative for District 4 as he said to her, “Anguilla is in trouble, and we need you.”

Dr. Webster closed the interview by reminding the Anguillian public that youth must have a say. They must feel engaged empowered, and that legislature can’t be created for youth without their input. He further urged young people to get involved, put themselves up for election and ensure that their voices are heard.

While Kentish-Rogers was absent from the interview, there are expectations that she will address the Anguillan public soon at the upcoming party launch in Island Habour on October 5th.

Here’s the video from Huges Facebook Live broadcast:

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