Dominica PM Says More Development Coming


ROSEAU, DOMINICA (September 28): Dominica’s Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit says though his country has made considerable progress under his ruling party, there are even bigger goals ahead.

“You have a right never to ever limit your dreams. Every time we scale one mountain; we must seek to conquer another land,” he said at a political meeting in rural Petite Savanne this week.

The Dominican leader who is facing a general election within months said now is not a time for complacency, describing the mission of his government as “a working-class mandate.”

He especially touted program in education, healthcare, and housing – but said it was at the early stages of a complete plan to empower people and lift everyone out of poverty.

“For those who say they are not satisfied; I am with you,” Dr. Skerrit declared.

“We shall never be satisfied until every single one of you is lifted up…,” he said.

“But we are pleased with the progress we have made. And we are satisfied that it is only the Dominica Labour Party that can deliver on your dreams and aspirations,” the Prime Minister added.

Dr. Skerrit said the Dominica Labour Party is the vanguard for his country’s national development.

“We shall vote for DLP because it has shown through both history and delivery – that every time our people have taken a giant leap forward, it has been under Labour,” he declared.

The Prime Minister said: “Our current mantra – ‘Its Safer With Labour’ – is as much a historical fact, as it is a modern reality and an understanding of what’s at stake in the future.”

Dr. Skerrit said his government will continue to massively invest in people through economic policies that will grow the economy and “put more money in the pockets of people.”

“This government continues to spend more money on housing; healthcare and education than any other government, and in any other period in our history,” he said.

The Dominican leader appeared to take a dig at the opposition who has complained about spending, especially of money earned from the Citizenship By Investment program.

He declared to a cheering audience: “It is your money that has built your houses; it is your money that is being invested in expanding the quality of healthcare; it is your money that is paying the college tuition for your children; it is your money that is affording us some of the best roads in the Caribbean.”

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