Prisons Commissioner: YTC five cut bars to escape

Five teen inmates of the Youth Training Centre (YTC) in Arouca sawed their way to freedom using a hacksaw blade smuggled from one of the workshops aimed at rehabilitating them. Newsday spoke to Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson, who confirmed the boys used the tool to cut one of the bars of the room in which they were held. He said rather than having cells, the YTC was a rehabilitation centre, where inmates are housed in rooms designed as dormitories. Wilson also said once outside the building the five dug a hole beneath the chain link fence surrounding it and escaped. "They would have used a hacksaw to cut the bottom of the bar. "It doesn't operate as a prison, it's more like a rehabilitation centre. When they left the building they got to the fence area and dug a hole. "It's designed as a cage so they couldn't climb over it. They crawled underneath, climbed above the roof and got off somewhere around the eastern side of the facility, using the rain as cover." Wilson said all five were detained for murder . The police have contacted the relatives of the escapees and encouraged them to have them surrender if the escapees contact them. He said in the case of Anthony Ramsumair, who turned 19 last Thursday, the courts were asked to issue a warrant sending him to the Golden Grove Remand Facility instead of keeping him in YTC. "He didn't go to court on Monday, and that's why he was still at the centre. We don't know if that might have been a factor in him wanting to escape." Wilson said there have been ten escape attempts from prison facilities from January to date, eight of them from remand facilities. The post Prisons Commissioner: YTC five cut bars to escape appeared first on Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.

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