Senior Health Official Cautions Barbados Must Stay Alert For Super Bugs


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tuesday October 22, 2019 – Two superbugs have shown up in Barbados in the past and infectious disease specialist Dr Corey Forde says the country cannot lapse when it comes to dealing with treatment-resistant organisms.

Forde, head of the Infection Prevention and Control Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, however stressed there was no need to panic over the matter.

“Pan drug resistant organisms means the antibiotics we have available either won’t work well or we have nothing to treat them. Those [organisms] have arrived on the world scene and in Barbados and the Caribbean we are at a similar state where we already have recorded pan drug resistant organisms where we have limited amount of drugs to use to treat them.

“We have high-level [treatment] resistant [strains] of Klebsiella and E Coli (Escherichia Coli), where there were two or three ‘bugs’,” said Forde, who was speaking yesterday after the opening ceremony of the two-day Caribbean Infection Control/Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference at the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO)/World Health Organisation (WHO) office.

During the ceremony, Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Bostic said Government is continuing to strengthen antimicrobial diagnostics.

He said Barbados is benefiting from the triangular cooperation project with the Argentine Government and PAHO to increase capacity in enhanced antimicrobial diagnostic procedures in CARICOM with training, to improve areas ranging from the taking of samples to in-laboratory diagnostic techniques, data-analysis to dissemination. (Nation Barbados)

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