Could Cannabis Industry Be a Big Boost for Jamaica’s Tourism? A Minister Believes So

Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Floyd Green

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday October 30, 2019 – Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Floyd Green says the growing global market for cannabis provides the opportunity for Jamaica to become a first-choice destination for travellers who want to use medical cannabis.

He said “the fact that Jamaica is already a world-renowned hospitality and tourism destination is a guaranteed formula for a successful cannabis industry”.

“We can create more facilities where patients, while being treated, experience the beauty of Jamaica with the most fitting climate, the best people, the best service and, of course, the best cannabis. That is our competitive advantage in the global space,” Green said.

The Minister pointed out that there has been significant research into the medicinal properties of cannabis. And he noted that Jamaican scientist Dr. Henry Lowe, who is widely known for his cannabis phytopharmaceuticals and cancer research, has found molecules in the plant that can fight prostate cancer.

“Additionally, cannabis helps with the relief of chronic pain, the regulation of diabetes, and ongoing research has revealed its potential in the treatment of autism,” he said.

His comments came at the recent opening of Apollon Formularies Limited in Westmoreland. He commented the company on its joint-venture initiative with health and wellness resort Doc’s Place International Inc. to establish a wellness and treatment facility in the popular Negril resort area.

Green noted that the facility provides patients with an opportunity to receive world-class medical cannabis treatment under the guidance of licensed physicians who specialise in cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, in a safe, professional, medical and legal environment.

He also congratulated Apollon on its Extraction Laboratory, which is now completed and ready to produce world-class medically certified oils and cannabis extracts.

“Indeed, Apollon is set to help Jamaica achieve its rightful place in the global sphere for medicinal cannabis products and services,” the Minister said.

He further hailed the community-based initiative, Apollon Kannabiz Collective, through which traditional ganja farmers are able to move into the legal industry.

“Apollon is, indeed, cognizant of the need to develop a holistic sector, which does not overlook the traditional farmers. Indeed, let us allow our farmers to not just grow for the sector but to also grow with the sector in a meaningful and sustainable way,” Green noted.

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