Orphaned Boy, 8: ‘I will make you proud, Mummy’


The eight-year-old boy who became an orphan yesterday when his father killed his mother has now vowed to make her proud.

“Don’t worry, I will make you proud, Mummy.” the tearful child said while being comforted by relatives today.

The boy has not yet been told his father was found dead, and believes he is still on the run.

His father, Harricharan Ramsundar, 42, was found dead near the family home at Phulo Drive, La Brea Trace, Siparia, hours after he killed his wife, Neisha Cyleane Sankar, 29.

A close relative, Curtis Larode, told Newsday, “He knows that his mother was killed by his father, but he does not know that his father was found dead. And at this time we are not going to tell him right now. This child is still traumatised, he is going through so much. He loved his parents and now he keeps saying all he wants to do is make his mother proud.”

Larode said the boy’s mother would always encourage him to do his best in school.

“He is a very intelligent boy, and his mother was always there encouraging, helping him and helping him with his schoolwork. She returned home that day to make sure he went to school. She did not make any joke when it came to her son’s education.”

Sankar had packed a bag on Thursday and left the family home. She returned on Monday morning with the intention of getting her son ready for school when her husband confronted her and, after an argument, chopped her to death.

She died on the spot. Her body was found in the front room of the house in a pool of blood.

Almost ten hours later, at around 4.30 pm, after an extensive search in the forest behind the house, police came across Ramsundar’s body.

The child is now being counselled by members of the Police Victim and Witness Support Unit.

An autopsy is expected to be done on Sankar’s body today at the Forensic Science Centre.

Source Newsday

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